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I have read Mr. Ji Xianlin's "Qingtang Heyun" and I have a few thoughts. In the past, there was a prejudice that there are no master figures in China anymore. Even if there are, they are not well-known and detailed. I always think that the real master should be able to withstand loneliness and keep peace. He is tired of senior officials' careers, and is dedicated to learning, and his learning is not the only one who leads the field, but is broad and profound, and has a wide range of disciplines without losing its essence. Such characters are few in the world today, and many characters may be worthless. It wasn't until I read Ji Lao's book and checked the relevant information on the Internet that I knew how ignorant he was. He was the title of a master of national studies, a national treasure, and an academic leader. Ji Lao really deserves his name. In the book, Ji Lao said that he was "not a hardworking student, playing more and less while studying." He also said that he was not a gifted child, which is very puzzling. Imagine that a gift is not excellent. How can a person in a certain field be able to make a difference in some fields without having to work, and has learned Sanskrit for 40 days. I think what he said without using power may only refer to the elementary school Marlboro Cigarettes. As he grows up, he must be extremely hardworking. Even the old principal of Beijing University, Hu Shi, praised him for "the most rigorous study and the most diligent attitude." Hard work is not hard work in general. Throughout the ages, those who have achieved great achievements must have the spirit of hard work that no ordinary person has. As far as I know, Qian Zhongshu, Liang Qichao Newport 100S, Li Ao, and others, all have superhuman diligence and restraint. Liang, Qian and Li, needless to say, talented people, without the spirit of diligent scholarship, I am afraid it will be difficult to achieve today's achievements mokingusacigarettes.com. People with extraordinary talents are so much so. Not to mention that Ji Xianlin, with "medical qualifications", has 80 years of experience. I think that if you want to achieve something in life, you must have three conditions: talent, hard work, and opportunity. Nothing is impossible, no matter what. ... I focus on the third item: opportunity. If I can count on some minor achievements in my life, it mainly depends on opportunities. "I think Ji Lao's words are very sincere. In fact, the destiny of man is not
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